Welcome to Monkey Caddy!

Thank you for visiting our site where you have hopefully discovered the ultimate diaper changing
storage solution. The idea for Monkey Caddy was born when I was setting up my daughter’s
nursery. The changing table I selected was only a dresser with the changing tray on top. There was no place to put the diapers, wipes, diaper cream and all the other things you need when changing a baby. I searched the internet to find something that could easily attach to the changing table tray but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Fast forward a few years and now, there is Monkey Caddy!

Monkey Caddy allows all changing supplies to be kept conveniently within arm’s reach. When the alternative is to buy a side table, install shelves or keep your supplies all over the place, Monkey Caddy is the perfect solution. Monkey Caddy is easy to install and a convenient option for all new or experienced parents. It is especially great for apartment living, those with multiples (you can install
one on each side of the changing table tray) or for left-handers (built in compartments are on the

As a local Miami-based working mom, I hope this product helps you get organized and feel prepared
for your diaper changing experience.

Thank you!
Christina Mandich, Monkey Caddy Founder